Improve your players, and your club.

Providing next generation performance tools to empower your club throughout COVID-19 restrictions, and beyond.

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Our Process

The Power of Augmenting Club Training

1. Add players using the Club Web Platform.

2. Download our free mobile app on the AppStore or Google Play.

3. Assign training modules to players in your club.

4. Players are notified of their homework.

5. Players complete training.

6. Track player progress.



Spatial, technical and cognitive improvement for every athlete who has access to a ball and a wall.

Player Engagement

Keep players and parents engaged through COVID-19 restrictions with training, notifications and club news.


Group athletes by team, age, skill level, and get valuable insights as athletes work through training modules.


We keep all player and club data safe and secure utilizing the latest security protocols.

Player App

Customized Curriculum to Every Player

  • Integrates Visual and Cognitive cues into every training session
  • Adaptive difficulties to serve every training level and age
  • Player dashboard

  • Each Session provides an average of:

    The Club Hub

    ProInstinct WebApp


    Each team and every athlete at once


    Training modules for every team and athlete


    Which athletes are most engaged. Which training modules are most used

    Put your club a step ahead of others.

    ... ...
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